Maddie Moo Toddler Book Review on Drop and Give Me Nerdy

Here are SIX brand-new stories about BABY ANIMALS in the wilds–just right for BEDTIME reading! {cover copy}

Baby Book Reviews are back,

y’all! But my baby isn’t really a baby anymore, so we have stepped her up to toddler book reviews! Same style, different title for the kid. She still can’t help out much in these reviews, but it won’t be long before I’ll just be dictating her words to you.

This week, we have a book given to us for an honest review.

I think this is a great book for Madeline’s age. She’s almost 20 months, and her animal game is strong. She loves pointing at animals, naming animals, reading about animals, making animal noises, etc. So stories about baby animals doing things is 100% approved by her.

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