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Barn Sneeze

One night the wind blows through the barn and causes Cow to sneeze, which sets off a chain reaction. Each...

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Cassie’s Sweet Berry Pie: A Civil War Story

A Bank Street College Best Book of the Year, 2006 While at home, keeping an eye on her younger brother...

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Gemina: The Crooked-Neck Giraffe

Gemina stood out from the other giraffes at the Santa Barbara Zoo. She was the famous crooked-neck giraffe. Everyone who...

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Hank the BallPark Pup

Hank, The Ballpark Pup

On February 17, 2014, one lost, hurt pup wandered into a MLB training facility. Winning the hearts of the Brewers,...

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Lucy’s Cave: A Story Of Vicksburg, 1863

The Best Books of the Year, Bank Street College of Education Children’s Book Committee, 2008 Based on a real young...

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Mr. Lincoln’s Whiskers

Abraham Lincoln was the first President of the United States to wear a beard. What gave him the idea was...

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The Night Of The Fireflies

Nominee for the 2009-2010 Georgia Children’s Book Award It’s Miko’s first time to experience the joy of chasing fireflies. She...

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Sybil’s Night Ride

The Best Books of the Year, Bank Street College of Education Children’s Book Committee, 2000 Los Angeles 100 Best Books,...

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A Year Goes Round: Poems For The Months

The countless joys of the seasons are celebrated as these twenty-four short, simple poems move through the year. Childhood activities...

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Goodnight, Baby Animals, You’ve Had a Busy Day

Meet six wild baby animals in this read-aloud storybook collection. Playful baby tigers, elephants, giraffes, rhinoceroses, pandas, and gorillas love...

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Sandro’s Dolphin

A dolphin comes to the aid of a fishing village by driving schools of mullet into the fishermen's nets.

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Patch and The Strings

A puppet, ever curious where his strings go, comes to realize there is something more important than knowing that answer.

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How Lucky Got His Shoe

When a Humboldt penguin was born at the Santa Barbara Zoo, zookeepers saw that the baby was having difficulty walking....

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